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Vered Eyal's photos could be taken from a surrealistic reality that doesn't belong to any specific place or time. There is chaos and silence, humor and tension, but also nostalgia for times gone by. You can only guess where her photos were taken; they are not real even though we feel we've seen them before.

Vered has been active since 2013.  Vered is a citizen of the world by traveling, and experiencing different cultures.

It seems she left real life behind and combined fiction in her photography, letting the viewers decide what they are experiencing.  

 "My photographs were born of love and passion. They are milestones in the development of my ability to 'see' the world we live in. Visual images are the basis of my expression both in my work as a graphic designer and as a photographer. While words often cannot express a feeling, photographs can. I continually attempt to transfer images from my inner world through everyday encounters and the minute particles that make up life.״ 

Vered was born in Israel and lives in Zichron Yaakov.  She graduated from the Department of Graphic Design – Visual Communication, WIZO Haifa Academy of Design and Education. She is a graphic designer and website designer.

Group Exhibitions

אל הבית וממנו

תערוכת חוצות בזכרון יעקב

ספטמבר 2022

Capsules, Stages and rooms

Kibutz Galuyot 45 Tel Aviv

November 2019

Mitachat Laradar

The Gallery, Hanamal 21 Haifa

May 2019


70 artists celebrating 70 years for Israel!

Elbaz Studio Gallery NY 

May 2018


The magic of nature
The Open Museum of Photography

Tel-Hai Industrial Park, Israel.  

December 2017


Portraits in B&W

International Exhibition, Blank Wall Gallery‏,

Athens, Greece.

June 2017

Photography as a connecting tool
The Open Museum of Photography Tel-Hai Industrial Park, Israel.  

June 2016

Light and Shadow International Exhibition,

PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary.

Dec 2015

A Journey to Morocco, 

Jerusalem Theater, Israel. 

April 2014

"Man, wind, water", 

Herzliya Municipal Gallery, Israel.

March 2014


GilArt'e Gallery, Zichron Yaacov, Israel.

July 2013

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